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Locksmith In OKC

Locksmith Service In OKC.


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Needing a locksmith in OKC? You have came to the right place! We all know nothing in life comes for free. One has to pay a certain price in order to get the best. But this is not the case with our service. Locksmith OKC charges less to the customers and makes no short cuts with any of the services they offer.


  • Car Key Replacementlocksmith oklahoma city
  • Residential Lock Service
  • Commercial Lock Service
  • Auto/Home Lockouts
  • 15 Minute Response!

Locksmith OKC is the best locksmith to handle the delicate locks of your business, home, or car. Locksmith OKC is the #1 source of locks and keys. The task of a locksmith is not something that you should try yourself. Many people attempt to do locksmith work themselves and are ultimately met with failure, causing damage to their locks. It is always a better idea to hire a locksmith in OKC for the job. Our best locksmith advice in the event you have locked yourself out of your car or home is to call Locksmith OKC right away.

If you are needing to replace the key of your office or home or install a new lock system to boost your security then it is very important to hire a good locksmith in OKC. Often times you may not need the service of the locksmith but it is better to have contact with a local locksmith which can come in handy at times of an emergency. With the growing demand of locksmiths in OKC, it is very important to hire a locksmith wisely as he will be responsible for the security of your home and business.

You can always get references from your friends or family members regarding their recommended locksmith. A few qualities that any locksmith in OKC should possess include an Oklahoma locksmith license, an excellent attitude towards customer service, effectiveness, and a professional attitude. You can consult the Oklahoma Department Of Labor or local government agency to verify the license status and existence of a locksmith in Oklahoma. You should only hire such a locksmith who is registered with the appropriate governing agency. This gives you a surety of the performance and general good standing in the community. Also, a security bond with any reputable insurance company is a good sign of an Oklahoma Locksmith.

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Locksmith OKC

Locksmith OKC 5.00/5 (100.00%) 1 vote

Locksmith OKC is one of the most renowned and trusted locksmiths in Oklahoma City. We provide services in case of broken car keys. If you have locked your keys inside the car in OKC we can help too. We also fix faulty car locks, transponder key problems and many other problems.We are having a strong network to sort out your any kind car lock related problem. Locksmith OKC helps customers by providing ignition repair, chip key programming and also have expertise in on spot car key replacement anywhere in or near Oklahoma City OK. Locksmith OKC has their own vehicles and equipments through which we can easily replace your car keys. We have till date satisfied thousands of our customers in Oklahoma City and all over the Oklahoma state.

Our expert OKC car key locksmiths can open the locked car doors in minutes. Our professionals are equipped with all kinds of tools and modern machinery required to fulfill this task. In case of faulty locks, Locksmith OKC can change the locks of your car with in the budget.We are the leading locksmith company for locksmith services for your autmobile, home and office. Our car locksmith experts are equipped with the latest locksmith equipment and tools to get your locksmith needs taken care of in a timely manner, GUARANTEED!!

With our fast response OKC emergency locksmiths you can count on getting back on the road in as little as 15 minutes, depending on your location. Locksmith OKC provides professional locksmith services statewide, no matter if you live in the big city or a small town, Locksmith OKC is just a phone call away. Locksmith In OKC technicians are licensed and insured for your safety and protection. So ease your mind and let the leading locksmith business take care of the rest. In addition to Locksmith Services for your automobile, we also offer complete locksmith services for your home and office. Our locksmiths are able to re-key locks, install new door locks and repair major lock brands.

Our auto locksmiths can duplicate existing car keys and make keys from scratch, right on the spot. We’ll get to your OKC location within 20 minutes of your call! Locksmith OKC offers emergency car key services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so call us with confidence any time! It’s a pleasure for us to get you out of trouble!

Locksmith OKC Keys

We can fabricate any of the following keys, no matter what car make and model you have:

  • Transponder keys
  • VATS keys
  • Trunk keys
  • Glove box keys

 There is a major difference in all the above mentioned keys despite all of them being car keys.

  • Trunk Keys
    Trunk keys and glove box keys are the most  simple keys to cut, because these are simple metal keys and they don’t require more than a key cutting machine and a basic level of knowledge.
  • V.A.T.S. Keys

These are a special type of car keys, equipped with a “Vehicle Anti-Theft System”. VATS keys are not very common; hence many other locksmith companies are unable to replace them.This is a high security key, used for some models of the following car makes:

  • Cadillac
  • Chevrolet
  • Oldsmobile
  • Pontiac
  • Buick
  • Transponder Keys

The cars manufactured in the year 2000 and after are supposed to have this key type. These keys have an inbuilt chip which transmits a radio signal to the ignition module, once the key is inserted into the ignition. Only if the signal is transmitted at a certain frequency – you will be able to start the car. In short, if somebody makes a copy of the metal part of your Transponder key, he won’t be able to drive your car, because the ignition will not receive any radio signal from the key.

Benefits of having a Transponder key

If the Transponder key gets lost or stolen, you can prevent an auto-theft by calling us at Locksmith OKC and get the ignition re-programmed!
Once we re-program your ignition and provide a new Transponder key, the old key will become absolutely useless and it will be impossible to ignite your vehicle with that lost or stolen key. The Transponder system is the best tool against auto-theft available nowadays and this is the reason why the cars manufactured in the year 2000 and after are considered to be much safer and secure than the older ones. Our professional OKC locksmiths have the most advanced Transponder keys cutting and programming equipment, so if you need a Transponder key duplicate or a brand new key made – it will be done on-site in OKC, whenever you need it.

More about Services at Locksmith OKC.

The constant availability and highest level professional workmanship makes us standout among all the other Locksmith agencies. Our motto is to never compromise on quality! Locksmith OKC has a licensed staff and bonded technicians, to avoid amateur treatment issues and supply the best value possible for your money. All the car keys that we make come with a 90-day guarantee, so in case you have any after service problem with your new key – we have you covered! No matter what make and model car you have, you can rest assured that Locksmith OKC has you covered around the clock. All we need to know is your address and what type of car you need a key made for, so our locksmith will know what type of key blank he should take with him when he drives to your OKC  location.

Saving your vehicle from robbers or having someone during emergency situations is all that a person desires for their vehicle. Your desires are fulfilled by our services. Our Car key locksmith services are exceptionally priced and you would be highly satisfied with the kindness and quality of our OKC services.

At Locksmith Oklahoma City we believe in:

  • High standards
  • Professionalism
  • Use of advance technology
  • Prompt service

We are there for you and we are responsible for your security!

Our services are accessible in OKC 24 hr of the day and 7 days of the week, thus helping you getting out of any situation in urgent basis. Standing upright on our reputation, we at Locksmith OKC provide extensive safety solutions by giving you repair and installation systems like none other.Locksmith OKC


The Oklahoma City Locksmith Service
Car Key Replacement Experts.

Oklahoma City,Oklahoma 73116

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Top Rated Locksmith In OKC.

Top Rated Locksmith In OKC. 5.00/5 (100.00%) 1 vote

Welcome and thanks for visiting our site. Locksmith OKC is a family run and operated business, with connections in Oklahoma since 1982. Decades of commitment and client satisfaction in the security industry are what has placed our company on very top of our field. We utilize only hand selected honest individuals with unparalleled locksmith skills. Our employee turnover rate is amongst the lowest in the industry. Quality work and client satisfaction are just some of the assurances Locksmith OKC offers. We are certified, bonded, and insured. Locksmith OKC stands by its work, we will be here whenever you need us. We provide same day routine service, as well as, emergency 24 hour service.

Non commercial clients throughout the Oklahoma City region select Locksmith OKC as their locksmith professional & home security provider of choice. Offering the newest in security items along with cutting edge technology, our company can easily modify security designs for any spending plan. Offering an optimum safety solution tailored at a rate that each of our several clients can afford makes Locksmith OKC the vendor of choice for the ultimate in home security. Every one of our home security professionals are truly licensed locksmiths who bring a wealth of information and experience with every type of product and service.

Although you never ever can predict when or where your next auto locksmith emergency might take place, you can rest ensured with the available 24 hour auto emergency locksmith service. The most intelligent thing you can do is be prepared. How can you be prepared for a sudden automobile locksmith emergency such as an automobile lockout, broken ignition that needs an ignition replacement, or instant vehicle keys replacement? The response is simple! Just save the Locksmith OKC number on your cellphone or have it written down on a piece of paper so you can provide us a quick call in the event of an emergency.

If you are locked out of your car or happen to have a busted key or a lost vehicle key you can call us and we’ll send an expert automobile locksmith specialist or to you within a couple of brief minutes. With the offered 24 hour emergency vehicle locksmith services, a professional can help you at any hour of the day (or night). The extremely knowledgeable technicians we work with do their best to respond to your automobile locksmith emergency within 30 mins or less and assist you with a re-key, trunk unlock, lost car key replacement, car key cutting, auto transponder key programming, switchblade style key cutting or other auto locksmith needs you might have.

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Locksmith OKC Offers Solutions!

Locksmith OKC Offers Solutions! 5.00/5 (100.00%) 1 vote

Locksmiths are actually the ultimate problem solvers in our society. As a medical professional deals with troubled patients in time of unexpected emergencies, so does a locksmith professional assist troubled vehicle and home owners in circumstances of lockouts, door lock repair and kick ins. But the work of a skilled locksmith does not only stop right here. These professionals offer numerous additional solutions depending on the requirements of a presented home or auto. Their solutions are of substantial use both in the times of emergency and that of normal circumstances.

Locksmith OKC is qualified at mending very distinct kinds of locks, and locks that serve an array of purposes. They cover a broad range going from the normal electro-mechanical high security locks to the newly advanced computerized locks controlled from your Iphone, a locksmith can handle them all. Only licensed locksmiths in Oklahoma are well skilled and are competent in the use of numerous industry specific tools and accessories in order to get their job done with no damage to the property of the property owner.

The demand for licensed Oklahoma locksmiths is growing!

A licensed Oklahoma automotive locksmith is really the only one who you contact when you are caught on the road with your car keys locked inside. Licensed automotive locksmiths offer far better, dependable work than unlicensed counterparts and will improve the customer’s experience. Locksmith OKC also offers commercial locksmiths who are often called when a brand-new business building or an office has been built and its protection is a major concern for the owner and the people who work within it. Locksmith OKC is a name you can rely on if you are in need of either.

Locksmith OKC Has Re-keying Solutions!

Re-keying is an essential component and should be included in the fine skills in which licensed locksmith should posess. Presume you misplace the key to your extremely strong and expensive lock. You suspect foul play, so you would switch the whole lock. However Locksmith OKC can easily create a brand-new key for the existing lock of yours that is different from the old one and thus one saves you tons of money!

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Auto Locksmith OKC. Locked Keys In Your Car?

Auto Locksmith OKC. Locked Keys In Your Car? 4.99/5 (99.85%) 259 votes

Locksmith OKC Pricing

Call Now!

(405) 445-0751


*Auto Lockouts – Starting At $40

*Home Lockouts – Starting At $50

*Lock Rekeys – Starting At $60

* Pricing Varies Upon The Complexity Of The Lockout/Rekey Service. All locks and vehicles are unique. $15 Svc. Fee May Apply


Searching for an Auto Locksmith OKC? So you are locked out of your late model vehicle, what should you do? First off, you have to relax and take a deep breath. You must accept that this might take a little while. The more time that goes by, the more you need to keep cool. It seems like minutes last like hours when you are locked out of your vehicle. Modern vehicle locking systems can be very complex. This is why Auto Locksmith OKC is trained to use the latest tools and techniques. Many people presume that they can magically pick the door lock of their auto, most likely because they have seen it on TV or on the internet. The harsh reality is, until you have acquired the proper tools or you have seen it done beforehand and have the needed experience with the exact vehicle and model, you will most certainly scratch various spots of the door of the vehicle or even break internal links of the lock. If you try to shove a metal coat hanger, or any other type of hardened metal, you will damage and sometimes ruin the rubber door molding in the door frame of your car. Getting locked out is not cheap, but you will have to call a locksmith if you want your vehicle opened with no damages. Auto Locksmith OKC unlocks vehicles for as little as $50. This is a small fee compared to the cost of repairing the damages of an unskilled individual. For example, most rubber door moldings cost $200 at the dealership. The next time you get locked out of your car in Oklahoma City, do the math and calculate your risks. You will decide that hiring a licensed Oklahoma locksmith is a wise decision. Give Auto Locksmith OKC a call the next time you find yourself locked out.

Auto Locksmith OKC – (405) 445-0751


Auto Locksmith OKC

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