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OKC Locksmith is Oklahoma City’s top provider for auto locksmith services. We dispatch our mobile locksmith team 24 hours a day. If you need car keys for your vehicle, we can travel to you and make them on the spot. People can count on us to deliver cheap locksmith rates in times of need.

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Many newer cars require a transponder key. Chip keys communicate with your vehicle’s on board security system and enable the ignition to start. When you lose your key, a new one will need to be programmed. OKC Locksmith uses sophisticated computers to accomplish this. In as few as 10 minutes we can reprogram your Chevy,Dodge, or Ford computer.

OKC Locksmith

Your business is always at risk of a break in. There are ways to detour thieves from targeting your property. The use of mortise cylinder guards is highly recommended. Without the use of a proper guard, you lock can be easily be bypassed by a pair of vice grips. Upgrade your locks today. Same day commercial locksmith service is guaranteed.

When you need to monitor your commercial property, the use of a CCTV system can greatly benefit you. With cell phone monitoring available you will never lose track of whats going on. Detour employee theft and keep an eye on customers. OKC Locksmith can install a system that won’t break the bank.

Getting locked out of your car can be a scary thing. Imagine walking out to a dark parking lot after work and realizing you’re locked out. You won’t have to worry for long if you call us. We will send out a local locksmith in minutes to unlock your car door. With rates as low as $40 why would you choose anyone else? We are auto lockout experts.

OKC Locksmith can make your home a safer place. If you are in need of a security upgrade, our pros are the ones to turn to. We can install enhanced locks on your residence to keep burglars out. Bump proof locks are recommended for all homes these days.

With the many services that OKC Locksmith provides and our affordable rates, you won’t find a lock smith to better suit your needs. Call us today at (405) 445-0751.

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